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As a traveler, you can apply to our community by introducing yourself and showcasing your unique talents. These can include skills such as social media proficiency, culinary expertise, customer service experience, interior design abilities, photography and video editing skills, or anything else that highlights your strengths.


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How to know which host to apply to?

In Hostrotter community you will find all type of hosts and with different categories that you can help. Here the three most requested hosts type:


Local housing or any user that can offer space as an accommodation, that also is looking for the right talent that helps to develop or improve their projects. In order for them to get the right talent, they publish attractive accommodations with unresistible offers with local experiences.


Companies need the right talent. This is by offering a short-term period program that will help to know and test each talent. The talent will have the opportunity to be part of this company once the company goals are achieved.


Events producers request volunteers publish their events and how many volunteers they need. You will see all kind of production events such as music festival, sports event, concerts, tournaments, and more.